Jackson Hole, WY – October 12, 2013 Sponsor Page

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National Sponsors please contact us to discuss a package that works best for you. The scale of sponsorship ranges from donation of goods or services to premium placement as our Title Towners! Here is an overview of our sponsorship levels:

  • Trade goods and services that contribute to the event.
  • Web site, select creative agreements per value trade

  • Two participant entries under your Sponsorship Name
  • Base-Level Promotion with listing on website and on-line event promotions
  • Mention at event

  • Three participant entries under your Sponsorship Name
  • 10X10 booth space at Phil Baux Park to promote your good and services
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  • List of contacts who wish to receive a special promotion for your services

  • Four participant entries under your Sponsorship Name
  • Your company name listed on the Ultimate Towner Event promotions
  • Prime media placement
  • Your sponsored volunteers will man an obstacle and provide a signage for that obstacle. Obstacles will be claimed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Includes all the above sponsorship benefits plus prime media placement and recognition in all media. Local or national companies may sponsor the event through cash or in-kind trade of good or services. Primary sponsors receive greater media exposure and placement. Contact Grand Dynamics directly to inquire about National Sponsorship opportunities. Title Towner! Includes all of the above sponsorship benefits and number 1, 2, or 3 top placements on all event media. Inquire Grand Dynamics directly about details. National Towner! Sponsor all Ultimate Towner events in 2013 and get high exposure across the country. Contact us directly to discuss opportunities! What we expect from you as a sponsor at any level:

  • Share the event promotions to your contact list to expand awareness and increase participation.
  • Providing volunteers for the event is highly encouraged

Backing Towner!

Grand Dynamics International: We’ve got the experience your looking for. GDI is the leader in experiential training and development and the choice for inspiring, training and developing people to live to their true potential. We were founded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1998 and offer customized corporate events, team building programs, action seminars, motivational speakers and much more. Contact us today and discover a new way to tap into the power of your number one asset.

Mother’s Day Ultimate Towner to culminate Spring Jackson Hole Weekend May 11th-12th 2013

For Immediate Release: Grand Dynamics International announces:

Ultimate Towner obstacle course race to take place on Mother’s Day as the culminating event of the Spring Jackson Hole Weekend.

Ultimate Towner: The Ultimate Community Obstacle Course Race

Sunday, May 12, 2013 – Mother’s Day
Sunday, May 12th join Tuffy the Elephant and the Jackson Hole, Wyoming community for the spring Ultimate Towner: The Ultimate Community Obstacle Course Race! This event offers four miles, twenty-five obstacles and 100% inspiration! This is the culminating event of the Spring Jackson Hole weekend with events on Saturday including the Jackson Hole Spring Run Off 5K, Bras for the Cause cancer fund raiser and the 10th Anniversary Eco-Fair.

Grand Dynamics International will offer a follow-up event to its popular inaugural Ultimate Towner that took place on October 20th, 2012. The event provides fun and challenge over four miles as participants travel on foot or bike to local parks, overcoming obstacles as they swing across mud pits, crawl through mud and help teammates over walls! An action packed video, event information and registration is available at www.ultimatetowner.com.

Participate as an individual or with a team in the fast, competitive class or dress up for the fun classes! Volunteer and be part of the Ultimate Towner Team to spread the word, monitor obstacles, direct traffic, and cheer on contenders. Use the Spectators Guide to plan our your favorite obstacles for cheering and compete in the Ultimate Towner Photography Competition. Sponsorship is available at a variety of levels to engage the community in active participation. Up-Towner sponsorship offers a business the chance to claim, name and even create an obstacle. There are plenty of ways for everyone in the community to be involved.

All part of Spring Jackson Hole Weekend – May 10th-12th 2013

Those considering the Jackson Hole spring weekend will be pleasantly surprised with an action packed series of events! Friday night join Time Magazine “Hero for the Planet” at the National Museum of Wildlife Art as the Eco-Fair kicks off the weekend. Saturday morning head to Wilson for the Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation Jackson Hole Spring Run Off 5K race, help make our Jackson Hole environment beautiful along the way while supporting the Spring Clean up by the Jackson Rotary Club, and then get over to the Snow King Ball Field for the Eco Fair Saturday from 12 to 5pm. Saturday night features the Bras for the Cause Soroptimist fundraiser for cancer at the Cowboy Bar Saturday night. Join ultimate towners Sunday as the excitement begins at 10 AM for the Fast Class competitive waves, followed by the Fun Class where you might just be testing your grit running along side a zombie, or perhaps an elephant with a pink tutu.

Combine your spring Ultimate Towner with an amazing Jackson Hole vacation. Outdoor experiences in the mountains and rivers and awesome events will complete your perfect Jackson Hole spring weekend!

For interviews call Tim Walther, President of Grand Dynamics at 307.733.1989.

Ultimate Towner: www.ultimatetowner.com Brought to you by Grand Dynamics International: We’ve got the experience your looking for. Action seminars, corporate retreats and team-building events world-wide.

Overcome Your Obstacles!

Jackson Hole, WY – May 12, 2013 Obstacles Page

Ultimate May 12th Mother’s Day Towner Obstacle (Jackson Hole) Description

Phil Baux Park

1. Let’s Get Tough

Gather near the Teton Boulders and get psyched! If you’re not warmed up already we’ll give you a helping hand with our motivational mountain climbers and other calisthenics set to our inspirational music. Led by local alpinist, snow boarder and keynote speaker, Stephen Koch

2. King Scramble

The ultimate quad burning scramble straight up Snow King! The only thing to save you from sliding back down the king might just be a fellow Towner! You will follow the mud next to the snow line near the colored paint. Sponsored by Snow King Mountain

3. Motivational Mist

Let’s see if you can ignore one of the best snow making machines in the country… doubtful! This spray will give you the rejuvenation you are looking for as you head down, to the left and toward the Rodeo Grounds.

Rodeo Grounds

Get ready to rumble! It’s time to embrace the BOND – James Bond – inside yourself! Enter the arena with motivational theme music! Sponsored by Teton County Fair Grounds

4. The Spackman Plunge

Your mission, should you choose to accept it… get across the mud pit and get on with your top secret mission. This one is on honor of the mystery man himself Jarad Spackman. Sponsored by The Spackmans and Associates

5. Be Balanced

Traverse these balance beams over and above the spooky pool of water. Sponsored by Teton Orthopedics

6. Karma Krawl

Get down and dirty! You’ll be dreaming of all those yoga classes as you slink and slime your way through the sand and mud!

7. Covert Culvert

It might get spooky when you crawl through the culverts, but don’t delay because there will be fellow Towners right behind you! Sponsored by Suburban Urology Network

8. Slippery When Wet

Getting over this menacing slippery 6-foot wall will definitely go in the “harder than it looks” category. Teamwork may come in handy as you get up and over the slimy obstacle. Sponsored by St. Johns Hospital

9. The Maze

Left, right, up or down choose wisely as you do your best navigate the Teton Thai maze! Sponsored by Teton Thai

10. Up-Down and Dirty Mystery Obstacle

Get ready! For what you don’t know! (Yes that’s why it’s called a mystery obstacle.) Sponsored by Ridgeline Excavation

11. Irish Spring

Feeling like all that mud might need a little rinsing? We’ve got you covered! Refresh yourself with a cool spray before putting it back on the road! Sponsored by Rocky Mountain Marketing

Miller Park

Enter Miller Park on the South East Corner. Motivational music will keep you going as you rock out to all our awesome obstacles in Miller Park!

12. Be Bold!

Overcoming obstacles in life requires us to be bold, and this is yet another Spackism that rings true for all Towners. Get Up, Under and Through this BOLD sequence of walls. This special sequence is for Jarad’s parents – Dave and Susie Spackman – as a great reminder of our awesome parents who instill values in us to help us take life to new heights!

13. Crazy 8s

Run through tires but don’t run into your fellow Towners as you circumnavigate this tire-town course! This one will make you CCCCRRRRAAAZZZZYYYY!!!!!! Kind Towner donations by Big-O-Tires

14. Roll Away The Dew

Roll your tire as fast as you can through this intricate course. We’ll challenge your dexterity and “make it interesting” for you. Our bet is that you’ll be plenty “tired” after this one! A pre-quill to our Grateful Dead Tribute following the race!

15. Spectators Gauntlet

Run the gauntlet and get refreshed – Ultimate Towner style! * A port-o-pody restroom will be located at the North East Corner of Miller Park

North Side Corridor of the Recreation Center

16. Sack Hop Slalom

When is the last time you hopped in a burlap sack? We’ll see if your ski legs are still with you as you hop through our slalom course! Sponsored by JH Land Trust

17. Believe-Achieve Wall

Get up and over this mound and wall sequence. You’ve made it this far. You’ve got keep believing to keep on achieving!

18. Burp-Be Your Best

Could there be any other exercise that works more muscles than the Burpee? Probably but this one is our favorites and it looks cool too. Be your best! Sponsored by Cross Fit Jackson Hole

Mike Yokel Park

19. Telos Run

This section of the course is dedicated to Grand Dynamics dog Telos and to all our dogs who bring smiles to our face when we overcome obstacles in life. Telos means purpose. Here’s to living yours! Sponsored by the dog – Telos Walther!

20. Sand Pit Sammy

Who says sand doesn’t stick? We’ll test the theory as you make your way over, under and through the sand pit for your first obstacle in Mike Yokel Park. Shake n Bake! Kind Towner Donations by JH Ski School

21. Mom’s Wall

Awe… we love you mom!!!! Sponsored by Mother’s Anonymous

22. Zig and Zag

Meet Zig and Zag, cousins of Bob and Weave. After you make their acquaintance you’ll probably meet their second cousin, DIZZY!

23. Mystery Obstacle!

You’re gonna love this one! But we can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet!

24. Love Life Wall

Loving life – and your fellow Towners might just be what you need to overcome the biggest baddest wall of the course! LOVE LIFE – Word’s to live by! Sponsored by Grand Dynamics International

25. Mother’s Day Love Tunnel

Dedicated to all our moms!!!! Careful – watch your head as you crawl under and squeeze through this “special” tunnel. Dedicated to all the mothers out there! Thank you for having us!

Phil Baux Park

Grand Finale

Cross the finish line (your time will officially stop here) and climb to the top of the Teton Boulder for your victory pose!

Celebrate your victory with fellow Towners to the jamming tunes of DJ Rocky! Get ready for more celebration, beer from Roadhouse Brewing and pizza from Mountain High. We will keep it rocking with live music from members of the Deadlocks and Wounded Knees!


Ultimate Towner May 12th Google Course Map

View Ultimate Towner Jackon Hole Course Map in a larger map

Liverpool, NY – August 31, 2013 Obstacles Page

Liverpool Ultimate Towner Obstacle Descriptions

Below are few samples of our AWESOME obstacles! Click here to view more of our exciting photos!

Below is a list of twenty-five obstacles most likely to be included in the Liverpool Ultimate Towner. Final obstacle selections and location will be discovered on the course! Sponsors contact us directly for additional course details and obstacle selection.

1. Ultimate Elevation!

Each starting wave of participants will prepare to overcome their obstacles at the Ultimate Elevation Warm Up. Participants will experience the motivational course briefing and calisthenics routine set to inspirational music before beginning the course.

2. Believe and Achieve

You’ve got to believe in yourself to overcome obstacles. Here’s your chance to prove it as you get over this wall sequence.

3. Burp-Be Your Best

Be your best as you complete the push-ups and overhead jumping jacks – the ultimate exercise!

4. Motivational Mist

Enjoying in the heat of summer? We’ve got you covered! Run through the motivational mist to cool you down.

5. Mystery Obstacle

We would tell you what it is, but then it wouldn’t be a mystery!


Mountain Climbers

Test your fitness in this mountain climber aerobic challenge.

7. Inspiration Walls

Get inspired as you get up and over these 4 foot walls.

8. Take the Plunge

Get down and dirty as you take the plunge and crawl up and out in out of this awesome mud pit!

9. Mud Crawl Alley

Get into it and crawl your way through this muddy alley.

10. High Knees

Like a football player in training and a track star at heart, you will need to hurdle over a series of objects to overcome this obstacle!

11. Hay Town

A bale of hay a day will not keep the doctor away but good luck trying.

12. Balance Beam

Stay balanced or esle mud awaits you under the beam!

13. Love Life Wall

Congratulations! You’ve made it to your the biggest wall of the course. Remember these words to live by as you overcome your obstacles… Love Life!

14. Sack Hop Slalom

Overcoming obstacles is easy when you break the change down to small parts. We’ll see how you break it down as you hop through our slalom course!

15. Zig and Zag

Meet Zig and Zag, cousins of Bob and Weave. After you make their acquaintance you’ll probably meet their second cousin, DIZZY!

16. Sand Baggin

Choose your friendly sand bag and carry it through the designated course.

17. Mystery Obstacle

We would tell you what it is, but then it wouldn’t be a mystery!

18. A-Wall Juxtaposition

Climb up and over this A-Frame obstacle and take life to its peak!



Traverse this wall in honor of the Tetons and Jackson Hole, Wyoming – where the Ultimate Towner all began!

20. Small Wall

Yes, it is a series of small walls but don’t be fooled, it will still test your determination and focus, all while being inspired by a series of quotes that you may or may not have to memorize!

21. Let’s Roll

Grab your tire and commence complete this high speed roll-away course.

22. Tire Town

Identify your pathway to success as you complete this tire-town course.

23. Atlas Rock Drag

Sometimes it can feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world as you overcome your obstacles… here’s your chance to be Atlas in our mini-version of the weight of the world.

24. Over-Under-Through

Overcome your first series of wall obstacles as you go over, under and through.

25. Spectator’s Gauntlet

Run the spray gauntlet as spectators join in on the fun. Welcome to the finish line! The obstacles above are the challenges in the spring Liverpool Ultimate Towner. Sponsors will claim, name and create additional obstacles. This course description will be updated as sponsors join. The deadline to submit obstacles is three weeks prior to the event. Obstacles must be within the event safety guidelines as well as to allow a smooth flow of participants.

View Liverpool, NY in a larger map

Fill out this form to submit your obstacle idea

Ultimate Towner Jackson Hole, Wyoming – The Ultimate Community Obstacle Course Race May 12, 2013

ToughTownerLogoBestjpg-240x172Ultimate Towner: The Ultimate Community Obstacle Course Race May 12, 2013 Time: 8:00 AM – 6 PM

Join Tuffy the Elephant and the Grand Dynamics team for the Jackson Hole SPRING ULTIMATE TOWNER: The Ultimate Community Obstacle Course Race! Participate, Volunteer, Spectate or Sponsor! Plenty of room for everyone in the community to be involved. Visit www.ultimatetowner.com to register for more information and early registration and sponsorship information. We have set our dates for the Spring Ultimate Towner in Jackson Hole for May 12th, 2013. It’s a Sunday, the day after the Eco Fair, and is also Mothers Day! Which of course means we will have some special obstacles for all the Mothers out there! Our goal is to support the Jackson Hole business community with a special off-season event that inspires community through fun and adventure. Imagine Jackson Hole’s OWN four-mile race where participants will complete fun obstacles, including crawling through mud, climbing cargo nets, running through tires, snaking through culverts, climbing over straw bails and helping teammates over walls! What’s best is it all takes place in our own town parks. Phil Baux, Miller Park, Davies Field and Mike Yokel – with a little Rodeo Grounds for good measure! Combine your Spring Ultimate Towner with an amazing Jackson Hole vacation: This is a spring event not to be missed in Jackson Hole, and a great way to experience the natural beauty of Jackson Hole with mountain expeditions, scenic and whitewater river experiences and more all available to complete your perfect mountain experience in the Spring! Come in early for the Eco Fair (Saturday during the day), and Bras for the Cause (At night), both on May 11th! Contact Grand Dynamics today at info@granddynamics.com for more detail and sign up at www.ultimatetowner.com for more info now! We look forward to seeing you May 12th, 2013 – until then get out there and OVERCOME YOUR OBSTACLES! Registration opens February 1st, 2013! www.ultimatetowner.com This post is written by Grand Dynamics and re-posted on the www.jacksonhole.com events calendar.   Address: Jackson Hole – Start location is Phil Baux Park at the base of Snow King