How to persevere a life changing event by envisioning the future: Ten Years Later book tells us how

Here is an interesting resource that may shed some insight on how to address a game-changing event in life. How can we transform our really difficult situations and overcome our obstacles of life? Check this out. Here’s a book with examples. New York Times bestselling author and beloved Today show co-anchor tells the incredible stories of people who, when faced with impossibly challenging or tragic life situations, persevere—and even thrive—and asks, What if you, facing a game-changing event or decision right now, could see ten years into the future?
Through years of perseverance, purpose, and passion, Hoda Kotb landed a spot with Kathie Lee on the Today show, won numerous journalism awards, and gained valuable life lessons. Now, after captivating readers in her blockbuster memoir Hoda, she turns to stories about others who have undergone personal transformation against great odds.In Ten Years Later, Hoda chronicles six amazing stories by identifying a game-changing event in her subjects’ lives and then revisiting those lives a decade later.

We meet Amy Barnes, who took the leap to escape an abusive relationship, lost an astounding 340 pounds, and now encourages women like her to cultivate their mental and physical strength. There’s also Ron Clifford, a civilian hero of 9/11, who saved the life of a burn victim in the wreckage of the towers—only to learn the same day that his beloved sister and niece were passengers on Flight 175. Patrick Weiland, a former network producer who won a Peabody at age twenty-two and later spiraled into drug addition, demonstrates the power of a second chance.Ten Years Later is a firsthand testament to the enduring power of the human spirit. Through inspirational life stories, Hoda shows how adversity can unleash our best qualities: resilience, perseverance, gratitude, empathy, and creativity. This book will inspire you to believe in the future, no matter how dark the present, and tap into the ability to reach your highest potential. Buy Ten Years Later Book on Amazon  

The Set-Backs of Injury and Dreams of Travel

This story was shared by Bettie Taylor. Thank you Bettie! I had a dream the other night where I was in a faraway place, I think India, and I was standing in one spot. All I was doing was looking at my surroundings; the sky so blue, the buildings so ancient, the people so candid. And then I felt myself crying, my sleeping body tensed up and I started to weep. The reason I found myself so emotional was because I was finally achieving a goal of mine, I was traveling like I have always wanted to. Nothing in my dream held me back from doing something I really loved and has always wanted to do. This dream has helped me find my “happy place”. Now, I know this is just a dream, but I feel that if I can overcome my obstacles of financial hardship and my physical restriction from my ACL injury, I can truly make my dreams come true. I can see myself walking on beaches around the world, feeling the different winds from the East and the West, and breathing in all the aromas there is on this planet. I am the kind of person that takes action when there is a bump in the road; my injury to my knee being one of these bumps. This is my first injury, and the physical and mental pain has questioned my sense of self and how well I do without my regular activities. As I take it one day at a time, I am more confident now then I was when I first injured myself. I know that this is a minor setback to all my goals in life. I will be stronger, faster and a better me once I recover. I will overcome my obstacle of having an injury by getting surgery on my ACL, going hard into rehab, building more strength than I ever had before, and living life to the fullest. I will overcome my financial hardship by expanding my skills and seeking a full time job in Jackson, and work on raising funds through my community to pay for my surgery.

Treasure Island, San Francisco – November 2013 Sponsors Page

Register for your Sponsorship Level of Choice Now! * Please not that our sponsorship levels vary depending on the event locations so please register for sponsorship based on your event location. National Sponsors please contact us to discuss a package that works best for you. The scale of sponsorship ranges from donation of goods or services to premium placement as our Title Towners! Here is an overview of our sponsorship levels:

  • Trade goods and services that contribute to the event.
  • Web site, select creative agreements per value trade

  • Two participant entries under your Sponsorship Name
  • Base-Level Promotion with listing on website and on-line event promotions
  • Mention at event

  • Three participant entries under your Sponsorship Name
  • 10X10 booth space at Phil Baux Park to promote your good and services
  • Listing as event sponsor in event promotions on our website
  • List of contacts who wish to receive a special promotion for your services

  • Four participant entries under your Sponsorship Name
  • Your company name listed on the Ultimate Towner Event promotions
  • Prime media placement
  • Your sponsored volunteers will man an obstacle and provide a signage for that obstacle. Obstacles will be claimed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Includes all the above sponsorship benefits plus prime media placement and recognition in all media. Local or national companies may sponsor the event through cash or in-kind trade of good or services. Primary sponsors receive greater media exposure and placement. Contact Grand Dynamics directly to inquire about National Sponsorship opportunities. Title Towner! Includes all of the above sponsorship benefits and number 1, 2, or 3 top placements on all event media. Inquire Grand Dynamics directly about details. National Towner! Sponsor all Ultimate Towner events in 2013 and get high exposure across the country. Contact us directly to discuss opportunities! What we expect from you as a sponsor at any level:

  • Share the event promotions to your contact list to expand awareness and increase participation.
  • Providing volunteers for the event is highly encouraged

Backing Towner!

Grand Dynamics International: We’ve got the experience your looking for. GDI is the leader in experiential training and development and the choice for inspiring, training and developing people to live to their true potential. We were founded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1998 and offer customized corporate events, team building programs, action seminars, motivational speakers and much more. Contact us today and discover a new way to tap into the power of your number one asset.

Treasure Island, San Francisco – November 2, 2013 Obstacles Page

The San Francisco Treasure Island Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course Race will feature twenty-five incredible obstacles and circumnavigate approximately four miles of the scenic Treasure Island. The course will begin and end on the Great Lawn with the incredible San Francisco backdrop.

Saturday, November 2 at Treasure Island, SF


Check out the Course Map of the Ultimate Towner Treasure Island Obstacle Course on google maps! Below you will find photos and

descriptions of the obstacles for the event. Ready? Here we go!!!!!

View Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course – Treasure Island – Obstacles Overview in a larger map

Below are few samples of our AWESOME obstacles! Click here to view more of our exciting photos!

1. Ultimate Elevation!

Each starting wave of participants will prepare to overcome their obstacles at the Ultimate Elevation Warm Up. Participants will experience the motivational course briefing and calisthenics routine set to inspirational music before beginning the course.


Fun Class Zombie Team… ready at the start… Costume Time!


2. Ghiradelli Square

Mud Crawl!

Our featured Mud Crawl is the 7th obstacle and located in the spooky Park along 8th street about after the Teton Traverse Bouldering Obstacle.

Sponsored of course by the Ghiradelli Square and Ghiradelli Chocolate.


3. Believe and Achieve

The first series of walls as you enter into the Gaelic Fields.

You’ve got to believe in yourself to overcome obstacles. Here’s your chance to prove it!

Sponsored by Revolution Sports!



4. Burp-Be Your Best

Be your best as you complete the push-ups and overhead jumping jacks – the ultimate exercise! Another Revolution Sports specialty!

CREDIT: David J Swift


5. Tunnel Town

It can be scary in the dark when you’re overcoming obstacles.

Look for the light at the end of the tunnel as you crawl through these tunnels made just for you!


6. Over Under Through

Get Over, Under and Through this series of walls as you adapt to any changes coming your way!

CREDIT: David J Swift

7. Karma Krawl

Get Over, Under and Through this series of walls as you adapt to any changes coming your way!


8. Zig and Zag

Leap up and over and side to side of this wine barrel course. Meet Zig and Zag, cousins of Bob and Weave. After you make their acquaintance you’ll probably meet their second cousin, DIZZY!

CREDIT: David J Swift


9. Be Balanced

Also know as WALK THE PLANK! Find the line and stay balanced as you traverse these beams. Beware, theres Rumors of Pirates in these woods!



10. Sand Baggin

Choose your friendly sand bag and carry it through the designated course.



11. Teton Traverse

Traverse this wall in honor or the Teton and Jackson Hole, Wyoming where the Ultimate Towner all began!

Wait until you see the EPIC BACKDROP you will be doing your boulder traverse in front of.


12. Sack Hop Slalom

A MEGA CLASSIC! This one goes into the “Harder than it looks” category. Overcoming obstacles is easy when you break the change down to small parts.

We’ll see how you break it down

as you hop through our slalom course!

Sponsored by the Sports Basement

CREDIT: David J Swift


13. Take the plunge

Your mission, should you choose to accept it… swing across the mud pit and get on with your top secret mission.

Sponsored by Coatue Management


CREDIT: David J Swift

14. Slippery When Wet

Getting over this menacing slippery 6-foot wall will definitely go in the “harder than it looks” category.


15. WINERY SF: Yet another Wine Tasting Option on the Course! Hop over and through this wine barrel course as Winery SF spectators enjoy the view!

Sponsored by Winery SF!


16. ZIP CUBE! Get Up and Over this awesome new challenge! Sponsored by our friends at ZIP CUBE – Portable Storage ready to go!


17. Atlas Rock-Put

Test your agility and strength in this awesome rock put challenge!

Sponsored by Jackson Hole Shooting Experience!

The Ultimate shooting experience when you visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

CREDIT: David J Swift

18. Motivational Ocean Mist

Feeling like you may need a little rinsing after all that hard work? We’ve got you covered! Refresh yourself with a cool spray before putting it back on the road!

Sponsored by our friends at Ocean Mist Farms!



Navigating the unknown is a big part of overcoming obstacles! Enjoy!



20. Welcome to the Jungle

Snake through the Jungle maze of trees and walls at the high point of the race!


21. Mystery Obstacle

You’ll find out in the woods!


22. Mountain Climbers

High on the mountain top you’ll keep climbing as you complete this series of mountain climbers!


23. A-Wall Juxtaposition

Overcome your obstacles and climb up, over and down this A-Frame as you take life

to its peak!

This is the awesome wall as you enter into the final sequence of obstacles on the Great Lawn.

CREDIT: David J Swift

24. Love Life Wall

Congratulations! You’ve made it to your the biggest wall of the course. Remember these words to live by as you overcome your obstacles… Love Life!

This wall was inspired by Jarad Spackman and his message lives on as a great reminder that LOVE is always part of the pathway when overcoming obstacles.



25. Spectator’s Gauntlet

Run the spray gauntlet as spectators join in on the fun.

Welcome to the finish line!

DJ, Beer, Fun!!!

CREDIT: David J Swift

CREDIT: David J Swift CREDIT: David J Swift

Sponsored by: Grand Dynamics International and… TBD!  

Saturday, November 2 at Treasure Island, SF

  The obstacles above are the challenges in the November Treasure Island Ultimate Towner. Sponsors will claim, name and create additional obstacles. This course description will be updated as sponsors join. Obstacles must be within the event safety guidelines as well as to allow a smooth flow of participants.

Fill out this form to submit your obstacle idea