What’s All the Rage About Obstacle Course Races?

Obstacle courses and mud runs seem to be all the rage these days. With so many different event companies offering one kind of race or another, how do you know which one is right for you? Our Ultimate Towner race is more than just a race, it’s about overcoming your own personal obstacles in life. It’s about community. It’s about inspiration. “Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” -Bernice Reagon This year, thousands of inspirational people will be participating in one of our 5 nationwide Ultimate Towner events. People from all walks of life will be participating in the community driven obstacle course race. Why? To challenge themselves. To be an inspiration to themselves. To grow; physically, emotionally and mentally. To be part of a movement, a change in the world.

Gandhi says “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.” Ultimate Towner gives you a platform to overcome those metaphorical obstacles in life and create lasting memories. We give you the opportunity to GET OUT, GET PHYSICAL and GET DOWN AND DIRTY! with what has been holding you back. Working together, supporting each other and motivating other athletes to overcome their own obstacles. Does this sound like the adventure race that you’ve been looking for? OF COURSE IT DOES! What are your next steps for joining us for the next Ultimate Towner in your area? *Check out our locations: Kent, Ohio. Jackson Hole, WY. Lake Placid, NY. Syracuse, NY and the San Francisco! *Find a partner or team to hold you accountable to your goal *Start training for the big event (find training info on www.ultimatetowner.com) *Choose a great costume *Register and get ready to have some FUN!!

Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course Race offers support for overcoming obstacles through the Community Foundation Competitive Grants program in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

March 1, 2013 For Immediate Release: Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course Race offers support for overcoming obstacles through the Community Foundation Competitive Grants program in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The two Ultimate Towner community obstacle course events to be held in Jackson Hole, WY in 2013 will help Jackson people and businesses to overcome their obstacles. The Ultimate Towner: The Ultimate Community Obstacle Course Race, will be held in down town Jackson on May 12th as part of the Spring Jackson Hole weekend, as well as October 12th 2013 as part of a week long conservation event. These quiet-season’ events are designed to stimulate the local economy with out-of-town visitors as well as bring together the local community with a fun, engaging active events. Proceeds from the event will help members of our community overcome their obstacles. At each event, three dollars of each participant’s registration fee will be donated to the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole’s Competitive Grants program. Twice a year, the Foundation invites local nonprofits to apply to the program, and Ultimate Towner dollars will be awarded to organizations across all fields of interest that are helping individuals overcome challenges to improve their lives or meet a goal. Event participants will also have an opportunity to donate additional funds to the Competitive Grants program. Ultimate Towner obstacle course events take place across the nation and are produced by Grand Dynamics International, an experiential training and development company specializing in corporate retreats and team building events. Each event has a beneficiary to support those who help others to overcome their obstacles. Other event beneficiaries include Habitat for Humanity in Ohio and an adaptive skiing program in Lake Placid. For interviews call Tim Walther, President of Grand Dynamics at 307.733.1989. Ultimate Towner: www.ultimatetowner.com Brought to you by Grand Dynamics International: We’ve got the experience your looking for. Action seminars, corporate retreats and team-building events world-wide.

Overcome Your Obstacles!