The Ultimate Towner is an experience to be shared and embraced.

It’s a challenge complete with twenty five obstacles over four miles. The Towner is a product of passion and was inspired by the theme of Overcoming Your Obstacles. It’s a celebration of overcoming difficulties and of loving life!

“When life presents curve balls and challenges we must, in one way or another, overcome them. Over the first year of delivering these events I personally experienced a series of obstacles that have inspired a greater degree of empathy and desire to help people overcome challenges. I had a life changing accident where my arm was nearly ripped off, requiring two surgeries and a long road of recovery. I lost my best friend Jarad Spackman when he died in an avalanche. And then my dog Telos died. Dang! But guess what? I’m not alone and I know that challenge and adversity is a part of life for everyone on this planet. And I believe our character is forged in adversity. When we move through difficulty, we have plenty of reason to celebrate. And we are inviting people to celebrate overcoming their obstacles through this great community experience” says to Tim Walther, President of event title sponsor Grand Dynamics International, about the purpose, or the “why” behind the Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course Race.

The “what” of the event is a positive and fun community experience for people of all ages.  The “why” is what give us the inspiration to put these events on. And it’s the reason Towners are invited to share in the experience.

If you have been to an Ultimate Towner you know that celebrating overcoming obstacles comes in uniquely fun fashion. The event sets the tone with the now classic “Ultimate Elevation” warm up with everyone together moving in a synchronized flow. Smiling participants will crawl through mud, swing across pits and run through “motivational mist.”

The event is designed be very inclusive and the 4 mile, “relatively short” distance is something that nearly everybody can accomplish.

“Young or old, short or tall, this event creates an opportunity to participants to challenge themselves to overcome things that many might not initially believe to be possible,” says Matt Campana, Streetsboro Ohio Course Director and collaborator in the Towner events across the country.

Climb over, under and through a sequence of walls with inspirational themes of “Believe-Achieve”, “Take the Plunge and take on the final challenge of the “Love-Life” wall as a poignant reminder of how to live as a “Towner.”

“Do as much as you can, and have a blast doing it!” says Will Leggett who is the lead course-builder and part of the team of Towners who work together to create and deliver each experience.  Some participants even ride bikes to the various obstacles on the course, making it easier for even more participants and teams.

This event began in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and over the last two years has taken place across the country in locations including Ohio, New York and California where the Towner culminated in San Francisco in November 2013.

If participating just isn’t your cup of tea, you can still be involved by volunteering or spectating throughout the four-mile course.

Title Sponsor Grand Dynamics is also seeking partners to be involved as a sponsor for the event and to build the local community. Sponsors can contribute goods or services, offer vending on-site, promote and even naming or designing an obstacle. We are offering regional promotions and our marketing efforts are supported by the Lodging Tax to bring in regional visitors for a spring visit.

The Towner also serves as a great team-building event for co-workers to bond together and start off the summer season with a shared, novel experience.

Join us in creating a positive impact in the world. We all need more inspiration and support as we navigate this wild wacky planet. Remember – We’re in this together!