The Ultimate Towner is BACK!  

After two years of canceled events, the Towner has emerged in a new form as an AMAZING RACE.   This evolution is due to a variety of reasons which the event producers at Grand Dynamics feel will ultimately benefit the entire Jackson community. 


The pandemic, of course!  The walls all went into storage and the location of storage was cleared up and the walls were burned.  If that isn’t enough, the mud crawls were an enduring obstacle in and of themselves to clean up.  So what do we do when we are faced with an obstacle? GET CREATIVE and RESOURCEFUL!   

Grand Dynamics had been delivering Amazing Race-style events for years with great success.   This type of event allows participants to choose the course and travel to checkpoints on a foot bikes or nonmotorized vehicles.   The types of challenges are much more eclectic than the standard walls to climb over – teams will need to think, be creative and work together to be successful.    Points are acquired by submitting text, photos, and videos to compete checkpoint challenges. 

The event is designed to be very inclusive with all challenges located within a square mile of the Jackson Hole Town Square, “relatively short” creating an experience that nearly everybody can accomplish.  After all, the total event time is designed to make it possible to experience a wide variety of local challenges. 

Teams must strategize to complete as many challenges as possible. Navigating the town of Jackson, answering tricky town trivia, overcoming obstacles, and completing challenges with creativity and collaboration are all part of the 2022 Ulitmate Towner

If participating just isn’t your cup of tea, you can still be involved by volunteering or spectating throughout the course.

The Towner also serves as a great team-building event for co-workers to bond together and start off the summer season with a shared, novel experience.