Jackson Radio DJ’s Fishman and Del Rey Interviews Ultimate Towner Event Director Tim Walther about June 5th Event

Tim Walther, Event Director for the 2022 Ultimate Towner, sat down with Mark “Fish” Fishman today at 96.9 KMTN LIVE to have a chat about this years Jackson Hole Community Event.

Later that morning, Tim was interviewed by Del Rey, Live on KJAX

Grand Dynamics 2018 Ultimate Towner “Race”

Stats from the 2018 results.


Fastest Team Members: Teton Therapy
Top four fastest teams to come in together:

  • Silicon Col

  • Shaw Construction

  • Moran Fire

  • Revolution Cycle

PLEASE complete our event feedback survey so we can get your feedback and gather critical information on the community and impact of the event and allow us to continue offering the Towner to our community!
Here is the survey link: Take the Survey

These photos are your event photos taken by David Bowers Photography. If you would like to purchase any of these photos (for printing or wall art with various options) you can go here: Ultimate Towner Pictures 2018

See also in Facebook the “Ultimate Towner 2018 Professional Event Photos” in here

You can also print these and have them mounted at Full Circle Frameworks (Our local shop owned by the masterful dj Rocky VertOne!! Thank you to all our event sponsors, including Grand Dynamics International who produces this event each year for our community. Your comments on the event and photos are greatly appreciated. And please complete the post event survey. THANK YOU and ENJOY!!!

Grand Dynamics 2018 Ultimate Towner Racer list (PDF)


OverallNameTeamBib NoAgeGendAGPlaceDivTime
1DAMIR AKHMADIYEV239M11-99fas32:33.11
2MICHAEL MOCK5832M21-99fas37:29.61
3SCOTT DROPINSKI56132M31-99fas38:47.74
4KATIE MILLSTeton Orthopaedics2441F11-99fas39:14.11
5NATASHA MUROMCEW4714F21-99fas39:35.05
6COLIN REESE4814M11-99fas39:58.49
7SAM MCMENAMYTeton Therapy4620M21-99fas41:09.99
8DAVID GORDON1515M31-99fas41:11.05
9IAN MCMENAMYTeton Therapy4522M41-99fas42:29.55
10JULIAN LACOURSE65M10- 0fas42:57.57
11JENNA MALLEY2233F31-99fas42:59.19
12LIAM LOGAN82510M51-99FU43:49.96
13TYSON LOGAN82640M61-99FU43:58.27
14REBECCA BEAR-BRISTERSnow King Mountain50928F11-99FU44:45.02
15DEREK GRIEBELBeast Mode60417M71-99FU44:46.16
16TREVOR ALLENTeton Therapy7624M81-99fas45:31.39
17SEAN TATROTeton Therapy7526M91-99fas45:38.98
18DYLAN DOWSONWilson Brat Pack913M101-99fas46:27.92
19REBECCA GRIEBELBeast Mode60712F21-99FU46:29.35
20TANNER PHILLIPS6013M111-99fas46:30.09
21BUCK MILLIGANWilson Brat Pack2313M121-99fas46:35.09
22CAMPBELL GERVAIS59413M131-99FU46:47.63
23RICHARD REESE4953M141-99fas46:52.09
24ELYSE MOCKWilson School5733F31-99fas47:05.37
25ROB LAPIERDesk job65336M151-99FU47:10.70
26JACK JENKINS5613M161-99fas47:45.63
27HENRY HUTCHINSONWilson Brat Pack1713M171-99fas48:39.84
28ERICK HARMSTeton Therapy61513M181-99FU49:29.42
29ANNA BROWNGribels809F10- 0FU50:00.59
30DONALD GROSCHTeton Therapy60913M191-99FU50:13.45
31JESSICA CHAMBERS536F41-99fas50:28.87
32FLO PHILLIPS5951F51-99fas50:38.59
33JOHN TOZZITeam Silicon Couloir6444M201-99fas50:53.73
34PATRICK FINNEGANTeam Silicon Couloir6326M211-99fas51:25.96
35GORDON FINNEGANTeam Silicon Couloir6227M221-99fas51:49.13
36FINN BENINGASHAW Construction429M231-99fas51:53.43
37OWEN BENINGASHAW Construction4311M241-99fas51:55.24
38CHASE BENINGASHAW Construction4142M251-99fas51:59.91
39MILLS HALPIN82146F61-99FU52:02.68
40KANE HALPIN8209M261-99FU52:03.01
41ELLERY PREHEIM8298M271-99FU52:03.31
42ABBY MOORE2525F71-99fas52:11.31
43TAYLOR YOUNG3422M281-99fas52:12.49
44ELIZABETH LOGAN82440F81-99FU52:18.18
45CHASE BECKER322M291-99fas52:26.18
46BRANDON JOHNSON1835M301-99fas52:35.62
47STEPHANIE THOMASTeton County Search83239F91-99FU52:44.87
48CLAYTON PREHEIM82841M311-99FU52:50.91
49IZAAK GARCIA91110M321-99FU52:52.79
50ISRAEL GARCIA91045M331-99FU52:55.18
51JOSHUA KHUSAINOV3296M341-99fas52:56.35
52GAVIN ROMAINE8308M351-99FU54:47.16
53SAGE RANDOLINTeton County Search311M20- 0fas54:51.96
54HALEIGH CAVE54221F101-99FU55:17.87
55BRENNER PERRYMANJackson Fire - Station70738M361-99FU55:57.18
56SARAH BENIGAJackson Fire - Station54F20- 0fas55:57.48
57CLAY GEITTMANNJackson Fire - Station55M30- 0fas55:58.10
58REBECCA WOLDROD380F30- 0FU55:58.43
59KEVIN GRANGEJackson Fire - Station1643M371-99fas55:58.76
60JOSH BENNETTMoran Fire8136M381-99fas55:59.10
61CAM PREUSSMoran Fire2744M391-99fas55:59.48
62STEVE WORMJackson Fire - Station70M40- 0fas55:59.87
63Participant 82820M50- 0fas56:00.60
64MIKE MORRISONJackson Fire - Station61M60- 0fas56:01.21
65MATTHEW BEAUREGARDJackson hole ski club4022M401-99fas56:01.62
66GIOVANNI TABACCHIMoran Fire3039M411-99fas56:09.12
67WILLY ROSSSnow King Mountain72525M421-99FU56:35.02
68ALYSSA SCHMITTSnow King Mountain72923F111-99FU57:34.38
69HEATHER 0'MORE8060F40- 0FU58:26.68
70KEELY TATROTeton Therapy74928F121-99FU58:27.27
71ALDEN RICE421M70- 0FU58:27.63
72AUGUSTUS MOELLER68014M431-99FU58:28.02
73Participant 89890M80- 0fas58:28.27
74MCLAREN VAN ROOYEN75611M441-99FU58:28.60
75PRUNIE ABIGAIL BROXRevolution Indoor81731F131-99FU58:29.01
76LISA BALDOCKRevolution Indoor81327F141-99FU58:29.33
77EMILY KINGRevolution Indoor64731F151-99FU58:29.69
78ERIN FLAJOLERevolution Indoor58336F161-99FU58:30.01
79ZACHARY PADILLARevolution Indoor69931M451-99FU58:38.23
80GARRET BALDOCKRevolution Indoor81231M461-99FU58:56.41
81BRIANA SPENCERevolution Indoor74033F171-99FU59:03.65
82TODD HANNA500M90- 0fas59:13.15
83ANDREW HANNA510M100- 0fas59:13.44
84PAUL SCHMIDTTeton Habitat2853M471-99fas59:14.29
85KEVIN SPENCETeton Habitat74130M481-99FU59:14.65
86OLIVER SCOFFIELDTeton Habitat2924F181-99fas59:15.05
87NATE PHILLIPSTeton Habitat71026M491-99FU59:15.35
88KENDRA HEIMBUCKTeton Habitat62030F191-99FU59:15.68
89ELIZABETH FERGUSONTeton Habitat58025F201-99FU59:16.18
90KATRINA BELLETeton Habitat51325F211-99FU59:16.82
91LUCAS FREEZETeton Habitat58825M501-99FU59:39.94
92NICK TOYETeton Habitat75436M511-99FU59:40.18
93JORDAN WATHEN76729M521-99FU59:47.68
94TRISTA DEMING832F221-99fas59:47.93
95REBECCA WALTERS5337F231-99fas1:00:19.77
96ULISES AVILA90422M531-99FU1:00:38.80
97LIZZET GARCIA91322F241-99FU1:00:39.05
98ERNDOGG RODRIGUEZ72352M541-99FU1:00:39.52
99RENE CRAWFORDTeton Orthopaedics55345F251-99FU1:00:39.76
100NOAH BARNHARTTeton Orthopaedics50830F261-99FU1:01:10.19
101VICTORIA KNOLLTeton Orthopaedics64835F271-99FU1:01:10.43
102GALEN PARKETeton Orthopaedics70237M551-99FU1:01:40.18
103VIENNA SOTELOCountry Peeps73915F281-99FU1:01:41.93
104TAYLOR HILLERCountry Peeps62616M561-99FU1:01:43.72
105DANIEL PEREZ326M110- 0fas1:01:58.80
106JOSHUA HAMLIN61015M571-99FU1:02:46.49
107SALDIEL PEREZ325M120- 0fas1:02:48.72
108SAL ZERATE66M130- 0fas1:03:02.05
109Participant 4154150M140- 0fas1:03:02.37
110PARTICIPANT 4134130M150- 0fas1:03:02.72
111SUZIE BOOMER52149F291-99FU1:05:32.07
112KARA CUNDALL30724F301-99fas1:05:32.27
113JEANNA FEGLERTeton Therapy57947F311-99FU1:05:36.97
114RYAN FLATTTeton Therapy58430M581-99FU1:05:53.36
115SCOTT MILLERTeton Therapy67733M591-99FU1:06:04.80
116SARAH PATEChug-A-Lugs70424F321-99FU1:06:08.05
117JAMES CANEDYFour Seasons53930M601-99FU1:06:09.14
118LINDSEY LARIVEEChug-A-Lugs65424F331-99FU1:06:16.07
119QUINN HARRINGTON91425M611-99FU1:06:16.30
120COLTON PATEChug-A-Lugs70327M621-99FU1:06:16.60
121SARAH HEISEYRocky Mountain Bank62342F341-99FU1:06:16.97
122MIKE HEISEYRocky Mountain Bank62247M631-99FU1:06:17.69
123JAKE HANSONRocky Mountain Bank61343M641-99FU1:06:17.96
124JENNIFER DRINKLERocky Mountain Bank56032F351-99FU1:06:19.88
125LANCE WINDEYRocky Mountain Bank76932M651-99FU1:06:20.72
126WHITNEY TAMMRocky Mountain Bank74832F361-99FU1:07:11.11
127KRISTEN FOXRocky Mountain Bank58732F371-99FU1:07:11.33
128PAUL CHERRYRocky Mountain Bank54528M661-99FU1:07:22.36
129RODGER COZIAHGet Clean Play Dirty55235M671-99FU1:07:29.44
130MATT REDWINEGet Clean Play Dirty71740M681-99FU1:07:31.61
131JEFF WALTERSFour Seasons76330M691-99FU1:07:48.30
132ROB EDMONDSONCommunity Entry56738M701-99FU1:07:54.74
133MARY MUROMCEW82714F381-99FU1:07:55.80
134SARAH FLATTTeton Therapy58528F391-99FU1:08:12.63
135SHEA BOYLETeton Therapy52236F401-99FU1:08:57.35
136TARA CARRTeton Therapy54147F411-99FU1:09:26.58
137ZACH WITTFour Seasons77030M711-99FU1:09:26.80
138LYHNIDA ZGJANI3 Little Pigs78032F421-99FU1:09:28.99
139SHAY SMITH93414F431-99FU1:09:59.91
140BROOKE SABA3 Little Pigs72626F441-99FU1:10:22.38
141ARIELA SCHREIBEIS73026F451-99FU1:10:22.69
142SABRINA SCHREIBEIS73138F461-99FU1:10:34.44
143VERONICA SCHREIBEIS73235F471-99FU1:10:41.52
144CAROLINE CHASELander Medical Clinic320F50- 0fas1:11:06.47
145TREY CHASE321M160- 0fas1:11:20.31
146IGOR MOROSOWSKIFour Seasons68530M721-99FU1:11:20.77
147SACHA CHARNYSnake River Snakes54437F481-99FU1:11:21.00
148ED GANNONFour Seasons59150M731-99FU1:11:21.30
149JARED MARTINSt. John's Hospital92025M741-99FU1:11:21.66
150JOHN MCCORMICKSt. John's Hospital92126M751-99FU1:11:25.91
151FAM SENGEBUSHSt. John's Hospital93330F491-99FU1:11:51.95
152KATRINA RUSHSt. John's Hospital93226F501-99FU1:11:52.20
153ASHER RUSHSt. John's Hospital93126M761-99FU1:11:57.95
154BRENDEN BURKETeton Adaptive Sports80218M771-99FU1:12:16.24
155BETHANY HEINDELJackson Hole313F60- 0fas1:12:17.64
156AARON J HEINDELJackson Hole62113M781-99FU1:12:22.75
157EMILY RAUDMAN92613F511-99FU1:12:24.22
158GARY ENDECOTTCommunity Entry57028M791-99FU1:12:24.60
159LACHLAN HARDIETeton Adaptive Sports61421M801-99FU1:12:26.50
160TASHA STARRFour Seasons74230F521-99FU1:12:26.88
161KATIE RANSOMThe Three71629F531-99FU1:12:27.10
162HAILEY SENTZ73431F541-99FU1:12:32.08
163MOLLIE SULLIVAN83141F551-99FU1:13:03.95
164KATE FALCO1158F561-99fas1:13:15.59
165CHRIS MATHHEWSFour Seasons66830M811-99FU1:13:15.78
166JAMES JENKINSSwimmers Out of63446M821-99FU1:13:25.41
167MADELINE JENKINSSwimmers Out of63518F571-99FU1:13:25.63
168RANDALL GRIEBELBeast Mode60649M831-99FU1:13:46.50
169TAMMY GRIEBELBeast Mode60847F581-99FU1:14:45.81
170CODY RANDALLChug-A-Lugs71523M841-99FU1:14:55.42
171HUDSON ROBERTS807M170- 0fas1:14:56.00
172KEITH GINGERYTeam Alex59648M851-99FU1:15:01.66
173ALEXANDRA GINGERYTeam Alex59512F591-99FU1:15:09.77
174RUMAN ROBERTS808M180- 0fas1:15:41.69
175KYLE ROBERTSGet Clean Play Dirty72242M861-99FU1:15:42.05
176KRYSTINE KENDZIERSKITeam RC63953F601-99FU1:15:42.39
177JULIE MCKNIGHTTeam RC67143F611-99FU1:15:42.59
178NATHAN MCKNIGHTTeam RC67245M871-99FU1:15:47.80
179CHRIS KENDZIERSKITeam RC63839M881-99FU1:15:48.05
180ANDREW BORGELSJMC81629M891-99FU1:15:48.36
181ROBERT NEWWilson Medical69430M901-99FU1:15:48.66
182ANNIE LOWERYWilson Medical66058F621-99FU1:15:55.41
183JET GRAHAM60012M911-99FU1:15:55.86
184OSCAR ANDERSEN90311M921-99FU1:15:56.45
185STEVEN NELSON69325M931-99FU1:15:57.75
187DAVID CROOKTeton Motors55437M951-99FU1:16:13.56
188ALEX PHOMITeton Motors7970M190- 0FU1:16:51.97
189PJ BEEDLE5127M961-99FU1:16:52.92
190LILLY BEEDLE5109F631-99FU1:16:53.47
191PHIL BEEDLE51142M971-99FU1:17:34.03
192MAX ANDERSEN90210M981-99FU1:17:41.63
193MARC ANDERSEN90144M991-99FU1:17:55.38
194MICHELLE MCMENAMYTeton Therapy67350F641-99FU1:19:37.39
195JENNIFER HEGWOODTeton Therapy61741F651-99FU1:19:37.61
196SARAH SOPER93816F661-99FU1:21:52.76
197DAMIEN RILEY9286M1001-99FU1:21:53.47
198ADAM RILEY92746M1011-99FU1:21:55.23
199SAMANTHA* SOPER93719F671-99FU1:22:06.26
200NICHOLAS DRUMHELLER90911M1021-99FU1:22:13.97
201KURT DRUMHELLER56252M1031-99FU1:22:15.73
202LINDA SOPER93651F681-99FU1:22:15.98
203RACHELLE NORRISChug-A-Lugs69525F691-99FU1:22:39.72
204JENESSA BUTLERChug-A-Lugs52534F701-99FU1:22:49.45
205ALEX MARQUIZ66423M1041-99FU1:22:55.03
206SAMMY HEIDTOutpost Fitness79423F711-99FU1:23:51.90
207MADELEINE HURLBUTOutpost Fitness79623F721-99FU1:23:52.20
208OSIRIS PALACIOSOutpost Fitness78824F731-99FU1:23:52.51
209CHARLOTTE YORDONOutpost Fitness77923F741-99FU1:23:52.84
210DANIEL ESTRADAOutpost Fitness78725M1051-99FU1:23:53.17
211PARTICIPANT 7837830M200- 0FU1:23:53.50
212ALEX DOMINGUEZOutpost Fitness79235M1061-99FU1:23:53.76
213ELOY SOSAOutpost Fitness79126M1071-99FU1:23:54.04
214ARIANNA GARCIAOutpost Fitness78531F751-99FU1:23:54.31
215PARTICIPANT 78780M210- 0fas1:23:54.67
216JAIMIE GRAHAM59937F761-99FU1:23:57.56
217JADYN GRAHAM5988F771-99FU1:23:57.87
218JON GRAHAM60137M1081-99FU1:23:58.15
219JENNIFER FAYTeton Motors57858F781-99FU1:24:19.47
220DAVID AUGETeton Motors50562M1091-99FU1:24:19.73
221DON CARRC Bar V Ranch90557M1101-99FU1:24:29.54
222SAMANTHA HANNONC-V Ranch82242F791-99FU1:25:13.51
223MCKENZIE KRAVETSKYTeam C-V65029F801-99FU1:25:13.79
224JOE KRAVETSKYTeam C-V64921M1111-99FU1:25:14.07
225TRACI MCCLINTICTeam C-V66936F811-99FU1:25:14.39
226HEATHER MARTINSPEW66722F821-99FU1:25:14.67
227CATHERINE WADESPEW76237F831-99FU1:25:33.81
228JIM AUGETeton Motors50658M1121-99FU1:26:33.97
229ADDISON MORILLON92311F841-99FU1:26:56.03
230AUSTIN MORILLON9248M1131-99FU1:26:58.80
231UBALDO MORILLON92539M1141-99FU1:27:02.46
232ERIN OTTLEYWolf Pack69834F851-99FU1:27:38.61
233CAROLYN WORTHCommunity Entry77533F861-99FU1:27:38.91
234ASH MUIRWolf Pack68831F871-99FU1:27:39.39
235ANGELA FLECKWolf Pack58635F881-99FU1:27:39.77
236EMMA BOILLOTBoillot5188F891-99FU1:27:59.22
237PAUL BOILLOTBoillot52056M1151-99FU1:29:06.83
238CASE HOPPLEHopple6309M1161-99FU1:29:07.08
239JOHN HOLFORDJail Break62850M1171-99FU1:29:32.64
240TRACI MITCHELLJail Break67944F901-99FU1:29:43.42
241ELANA HEDGESLander Medical Clinic62932F911-99FU1:31:10.47
242JOSH WILLIAMSJail Break76832M1181-99FU1:31:11.55
243JONATHAN HOPPLE9185M1191-99FU1:31:11.75
244BARCLAY DEXTERHopple55741F921-99FU1:31:12.69
245PARTICIPANT 4164160M220- 0FU1:32:30.97
246PARTICIPANT 4174170M230- 0FU1:32:31.75
247PARTICIPANT 4024020M240- 0FU1:32:32.58
248PARTICIPANT 4074070M250- 0FU1:32:39.41
249PARTICIPANT 4034030M260- 0FU1:32:39.64
250PARTICIPANT 4044040M270- 0FU1:33:04.11
251PARTICIPANT 4124120M280- 0FU1:35:26.62
252PARTICIPANT 4114110M290- 0FU1:35:26.87
253PARTICIPANT 4004000M300- 0FU1:35:27.19
254PARTICIPANT 4064060M310- 0FU1:35:27.50
255PARTICIPANT 4014010M320- 0FU1:35:28.12
256PARTICIPANT 4104100M330- 0FU1:35:28.48
257PARTICIPANT 4054050M340- 0FU1:35:28.87
258JOHN LABREC65161M1201-99FU1:35:29.30
259PARTICIPANT 4084080M350- 0FU1:35:30.08
260PARTICIPANT 4094090M360- 0FU1:35:30.42
261PALOMA CABRERA53331M1211-99FU1:35:30.94
262PALOMA CABRERA5288F931-99FU1:35:31.40
263PALOMA CABRERA52911F941-99FU1:35:32.03
264PALOMA CABRERA53731M1221-99FU1:36:27.75
265PALOMA CABRERA53631M1231-99FU1:36:28.03
266PALOMA CABRERA53431M1241-99FU1:36:28.50
267PALOMA CABRERA5266F951-99FU1:36:28.86
268FATIMA ROJAS324F70- 0fas1:36:29.09
269PALOMA CABRERA5276F961-99FU1:36:29.48
270PALOMA CABRERA53531M1251-99FU1:36:29.81
271MORILLA ROJAS323F80- 0fas1:36:30.40
272PALOMA CABRERA53011F971-99FU1:36:30.90
273PALOMA CABRERA53131F981-99FU1:36:31.39
274PALOMA CABRERA53231F991-99FU1:36:31.95
275GERADO RYAS327M370- 0fas1:36:32.45
276LEILA GARCIA91245F1001-99FU1:36:32.86
277DARCY COX90636F1011-99FU1:36:33.31
278JERSEY COX9079F1021-99FU1:36:33.65
279KRISTEN HEIKKILA61934F1031-99FU1:36:35.64
280REESE RAMOS7146F1041-99FU1:36:35.94
281ANGEL RAMOS71332M1261-99FU1:36:36.61
282BETSY DAVISJH Backcountry55555F1051-99FU1:36:42.45
283TYLER WRIGHTJH Backcountry77734M1271-99FU1:36:42.86
284LAURA PETERSONJH Backcountry70933F1061-99FU1:36:59.25
285KIERSTEN DAVISJH Backcountry55627F1071-99FU1:36:59.55
286AUDREY SNARE93529F1081-99FU1:36:59.92
287SCOTT BLACKWOODJH Backcountry51630M1281-99FU1:37:00.28
288LYNDIE LARSON91935F1091-99FU1:37:00.69
289NATALIE ELLIOTStarra Babbas56931F1101-99FU1:37:01.80
290KITTY LEEStarra Babbas65541F1111-99FU1:37:10.55
291HOLLY ROBERTSStarra Babbas72136F1121-99FU1:37:10.76
292BECKY KIEFERGet Clean Play Dirty64030F1131-99FU1:37:26.79
293KYLER LUNDEGet Clean Play Dirty66123F1141-99FU1:37:27.11
294CHRISTINA RILEYGet Clean Play Dirty71940F1151-99FU1:37:27.36
295LEAH KILSBYGet Clean Play Dirty64525F1161-99FU1:37:41.56
296ALLY KILSBYGet Clean Play Dirty6436F1171-99FU1:38:25.76
297WESTON KILSBYGet Clean Play Dirty6464M1291-99FU1:38:26.01
298CHRIS KILSBYGet Clean Play Dirty64427M1301-99FU1:38:26.89
299JAZMYN DIGHTONLander Medical Clinic72737F1181-99FU1:38:32.04
300DOUGLAS MILLER67632M1311-99FU1:38:32.26
301BARB HUHN63159F1191-99FU1:38:32.97
302TINA SEAY73351F1201-99FU1:38:33.20
303CAROLYN WORTHCommunity Entry77633M1321-99FU1:39:00.25
304CAROLYN WORTHCommunity Entry77333F1211-99FU1:45:33.78
305KARLA ANDERSONCommunity Entry50447F1221-99FU1:45:35.84
306BEATRICE CHAVEZTeam Silicon Couloir312F90- 0fas1:45:36.07
307JEN BURNSIDE-WATHENGet Clean Play Dirty52440F1231-99FU1:45:39.29
308PARTICIPANT 4194190M380- 0FU1:45:48.62
309PARTICIPANT 4204200M390- 0FU1:45:49.17
310PARTICIPANT 4144140M400- 0FU1:47:14.42
311AMY LINNCommunity Entry65638F1241-99FU1:47:14.63
312CAROLYN WORTHCommunity Entry77233F1251-99FU1:47:15.32
313ZACK KNUDSONCommunity Entry75130M1331-99FU1:47:15.52
314JEN MAITLANDCommunity Entry66334F1261-99FU1:47:40.24
315LAYNE EZZELLCommunity Entry57528F1271-99FU1:47:41.02
316JESSICA MOORECommunity Entry68336F1281-99FU1:47:41.45
317CHAROLETTE KILGROWTeton Adaptive Sports64210F1291-99FU1:47:42.13
318CHARLIE KILGROWTeton Adaptive Sports64112M1341-99FU1:49:06.60
319LI DUNBARTeton Adaptive Sports56312M1351-99FU1:49:18.67
320MIMI DUNBARTeton Adaptive Sports56414F1301-99FU1:50:11.48
321STEVE DUNBARTeton Adaptive Sports56550M1361-99FU1:50:18.09
322KAREN WATTENMAKERTeton Adaptive Sports81150F1311-99FU1:50:31.71
323JOHN SZYMANIAKTrue Grit74647M1371-99FU1:51:23.98
324THEA SZYMANIAKTrue Grit74758F1321-99FU1:51:28.74
325JOSH SMITHTrue Grit73632M1381-99FU1:51:59.85
326HALEY PETERSLander Medical Clinic70833F1331-99FU1:52:00.16
327SARAH PENNLander Medical Clinic70535F1341-99FU1:52:07.46
328PARTICIPANT 9999990M410- 0FU1:52:07.68
329CHRISTY FIDLERLander Medical Clinic58136F1351-99FU1:58:09.74
330JESSICA TOUPSLander Medical Clinic75337F1361-99FU1:58:10.05
331AMY HITSHEWLander Medical Clinic62746F1371-99FU1:58:10.40
332BILLIE DIGHTONLander Medical Clinic55833F1381-99FU1:59:45.68
333VICTORIA ZIMMERMANLander Medical Clinic78122F1391-99FU1:59:46.07
334ANGEL BRISSETTELander Medical Clinic52323F1401-99FU1:59:46.40
335KASSIDY LOCKLander Medical Clinic65828F1411-99FU1:59:46.74
336GLORIA MOLTLander Medical Clinic68242F1421-99FU1:59:47.15
337LEANNA BAILEYLander Medical Clinic50743F1431-99FU1:59:47.57
338ELSA VERSTEEGThe Misfits76039F1441-99FU1:59:47.91
339RACHAEL EDWARDSThe Misfits56830F1451-99FU1:59:48.43
340MADISON HANNINGThe Misfits61121M1391-99FU1:59:48.74
341SHELBY HANNINGThe Misfits61242F1461-99FU1:59:49.07
342KASSANDRA STINEThe Misfits74433F1471-99FU1:59:49.41
343NATHANIEL VERSTEEGThe Misfits3216M1401-99fas2:07:01.08
344JAKE VERSTEEGThe Misfits76137M1411-99FU2:07:01.99
345JOSH BLANKENSHIP81438M1421-99FU2:07:02.21
346SHELBY WEIMER83432F1481-99FU2:07:02.86
347TIM BLANKENSHIP81535M1431-99FU2:07:03.26
348NEESHA ZOLLINGERakasha space yogis78245F1491-99FU2:07:03.99
349KAREN HOGENakasha space yogis8050F100- 0FU2:07:04.26
350HOGAN JEFFakasha space yogis8040M420- 0FU2:07:04.63
351SETTA ZOLLINGERakasha space yogis7990F110- 0FU2:07:47.65
352ELLA WEIMER83311F1501-99FU2:07:47.91
353ANDERS FALKakasha space yogis5766M1441-99FU2:07:48.38
354KATE FALKakasha space yogis57740F1511-99FU2:07:50.10

May 19th Event: OVERCOMING OBSTACLES, The Ultimate Towner Inspirational Packet Pick Up Event

Friday, May 19th

This year the Ultimate Towner  Obstacle Course has a new twist on the traditional event packet pick-up.  Pre-registered participants will not only sign in and get their Love Life Event T Shirt they will receive a healthy dose of inspiration as well.

Overcoming Obstacles: The Ultimate Towner Inspirational Packet Pick Up will stimulate new ways of perceiving and overcoming the challenges we face in life. This new addition will feature inspirational stories from an eclectic group of event sponsors, special guests and Towners.

The event will culminate with a preview of this year’s “Ultimate Elevation” obstacle and attending Towners will have the opportunity to practice the choreography with Dancers Workshop leaders in preparation for Sundays opening festivities.

Friday evening’s event is open to the public as a free program, with a suggested donation to this year’s beneficiary, Teton Adaptive Sports.

The Ultimate Towner is brought to you by Grand Dynamics International: Experiential training and development, action seminars, executive retreats and team-building events worldwide.

Event Logistics

  • When: Friday, May 19th
  • 4:00-6:00 PM  Packet Pick Up and Walk Up Registration
  • 6:00-8:00 PM  Overcoming Obstacles Seminar
  • 8:00-9:00 PM  Packet Pick Up and Walk Up Registration
  • Where: Snow King’s Grand View Conference Center located up the hill behind the Snow King Hotel


Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course Updates for Sunday, May 11th 2014 Event

Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course Sunday, May 11th 2014 Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Event Updates & Overview

Towners! Prepare for the Ultimate Spring Event!!!! This is YOUR community obstacle course race in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Additional updates will continue on our EVENT PAGE and Facebook Event
(Please invite your friends to our pages.)

4 Miles * 25 Obstacles * 100% Inspiration

Early Registration Rates: $49 adults ($10 pre-race discount) $25 Youth
REGISTER TODAY, Wednesday April 30th by 2:00 PM to GUARANTEE YOUR EVENT T-SHIRT!!! Event

  • Title Sponsor and event producer: Grand Dynamics – Team Building
  • Course Director: Tim Walther, President, Grand Dynamics
  • Event benefactor: Habitat for Humanity
  • Event Theme: Celebrate Overcoming Your Obstacles
  • Event briefing and messaging begins at 11:00 AM
  • Ultimate Elevation & starting waves begin shortly after

Packet Pick Up and Additional Pre-event Registration:

  • Cutty’s Thursday May8th 6 pm – 10 pm (Free Beer while supplies last!) OR
  • Eco Fair Saturday, May 10th 1 PM – 3 PM
  • Race Day Registration $59 – Race Day Packet Pick-up is an additional $10 for registered participants if you do
    not pick up your packet in advance!


Needed! We need course builders, registration help and obstacle monitors. Please share and help us find volunteers! All volunteers get T-Shirt, Free meal on event day, Croakies, Love Life Sticker and the chance to be a part of legendary Ultimate Towner Volunteer team. Volunteers who support course set up are eligible for registration discounts.



Info: The “around the town” course will feature fun and challenging obstacles with inspirational themes including “Love Life Wall.” Event celebration theme is Overcome Your Obstacles.
Participants are encouraged to dedicate their race to a personal or professional obstacle they have overcome or are
The final course map will be revealed a few days prior to the event and follows a similar route including Snow King, Rodeo Grounds, Miller Park, Rec Center and Mike Yokel with new twists, turns, mud and mystery obstacles. Race timing will be provided by Caren Ware of It’s About Time.
Sponsors! THANK YOU for your
Participants, please support these generous local business leaders! There is STILL TIME TO SPONSOR THE EVENT to make this the best it can be. Please contact us to find out how!   Grand Dynamics International is our Title Sponsor and offers incredible team building and leadership training in Jackson Hole and around the country.

Please inquire about the amazing program options for your Jackson Hole teams! “Up Towner” Team Obstacle

Sponsors include:

  • Spence Law Firm
  • Spackmans and Associates
  • St. John’s Hospital
  • Teton Orthopedics
  • Snow King Hotel
  • Cutty’s Bar and Grill

Kind Towner Sponsors:

  • Teton Recycle Center: Obstacles
  • Snow King Mountain: Obstacles
  • Big-O Tires: Obstacles
  • Teton County Fair Grounds: Obstacles
  • Mountain Town Maintenance: Course set up
  • Idaho Falls Magazine: Event promotions
  • KMTN Radio: Event promotions
  • Canvas Unlimited: Tent
  • Wright Training: 10 Team Entries
  • Event DJ Rocky Vertone of 4X4 productions will spin high energy tunes
    • Set list based on registrants’ favorite inspirational songs.

Post event party:

  • Beer from Roadhouse Brewery (All participants get one free beer)
  • Delicious eats from Genevive Catering (Free meals for event volunteers)
  • Awards for fastest individuals and teams
  • Awards for best costumes

Sponsored prizes:

  • Ultimate Towner Finishing Medals for youth participants
  • Ultimate Towner Croakies
  • Wyoming Whiskey
  • Tomahawks from Mountain Man Toy Shop
  • Love Life Stickers by TGT productions
  • Seeking True North books by Grand Dynamics
  • Flowers for MOMS!!!!


  • Regional Television Commercials (Watch it here)
  • Idaho Falls Magazine
  • Valley News Idaho
  • JH News and Guide Daily and Weekly through event day
  • Social media regional and targeted Campaigns
  • KMTN Radio
  • Local world of mouth and Towner sharing!
  • Lodging Tax Supported Event

ACTIONS: Share our facebook page, invite friends, attend our pre-race party, contact our race director to
sponsor, volunteer or clarify any questions.
Register and find out more at www.ultimatetowner.com

Ultimate Elevation captured with Wright Training in the Jackson Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course

A great video with the Ultimate Elevation theme! Ryan Halverson captured the Wright Training Team as they progress through the course in the fast class in the original Tough Towner obstacle course, now called the Ultimate Towner. This was the first wave – originally the “fast class” of racers followed up bythe “fun class” of costume laden Towners.

The 2014 spring events will combine both classes for more fun and energy with the racing competitors starting toward the beginning of the waves which will all begin at 11:00 AM. http://www.ultimatetowner.com/ryan-halverson-video-captures-wright-training-team-in-the-jackson-ultimate-towner-obstacle-course-race/ Course updates with even more inspirational themes are all part of the fun this year. Join us in the celebration of “overcoming obstacles!” Register now for the next event in Streetsboro, Ohio on April 26th or Jackson Hole on May 11th.


Tough Towner 2013 from Ryan Halverson on Vimeo.

For Immediate Release: 3rd Ultimate Towner Jackson Hole Obstacle Course Race celebrates overcoming personal obstacles and benefits Habitat for Humanity – Sunday, May 11, 2014 – Mother’s Day – Jackson, WY

  • Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course Sunday, May 11th 2014
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • Habitat for Humanity Benefit
  • Celebrate Overcoming Your Obstacles!
  • Event Poster Below

March 4th, 2014 For Immediate Release: 3rd Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course Race celebrates overcoming personal obstacles and benefits Habitat for Humanity Sunday, May 11, 2014 – Mother’s Day – Jackson, WY Whether you’ve been through a difficult relationship, experienced that “not if but when” acl surgery or some other physical ailment, had a business or finance challenges or yes, lost someone close, we’ve all dealt with life’s curve-balls. Luckily, we live in one of the greatest communities on the planet where we rally around and support each other even in the most difficult of struggles.

We’re in this together! And the “why” behind the Ultimate Towner is about celebrating our personal tribulations, triumphs and our connections that keep us keeping on. Last year our Jackson event was dedicated to the late, great Jarad Spackman and his messages of Being Bold, Taking the Plunge and Loving Life are stronger than ever. In fact, our theme of not only Overcoming Your Obstacles, but CELEBRATING overcoming your obstacles is the driving force. When we move through difficulty, we have plenty of reason to celebrate,” says to Tim Walther, course director, about the purpose, or the “why” behind the Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course Race. The “what” of the event is a positive, fun and healthy community experience.

The “why” is what give us the inspiration to put these events on and it’s the reason Towners are invited to share in the experience.

The “Tough Tower,” now re-branded as the Ultimate Towner, began in Jackson Hole has traveled around the country through Ohio, Lake Placid, Syracuse and San Francisco delivering dun and inspiration. If you have been to a Towner, you know that celebrating overcoming obstacles comes in uniquely fun fashion. On Sunday, May 11th Towners will make their way through Jackson town parks and experience inspirational obstacles including the now “classic” Ultimate Elevation warm up, Karma Mud Crawl, Believe-Achieve Hurdles, Take The Plunge Rope Swing, Motivational Mist Spray and the culminating Love-Life Wall.

“Young or old, short or tall, this event creates an opportunity to participants to challenge themselves to overcome things that initially may be perceived as difficult or even impossible,” says Matt Campana, Streetsboro Ohio Course Director and collaborator in the Towner events across the country.

“Do as much as you can, and have a blast doing it!” says Will Leggett who is the lead course-builder and part of the team of Towners who work together to create and deliver each experience.

Some participants even ride bikes to the various obstacles on the course, making it easier for even more participants and teams. Title Sponsor Grand Dynamics is also seeking partners to be involved as a sponsor for the event and to build the local community. Sponsors can contribute goods or services, offer vending on-site, promote and even naming or designing an obstacle. We are offering regional promotions and our marketing efforts are supported by the Lodging Tax to bring in regional visitors for a spring visit.

The Towner also serves as a great team-building event for co-workers to bond together and start off the summer season with a shared, novel experience. Volunteers and spectators are welcome and interested sponsors can contact Title Sponsor Grand Dynamics Team Building at info@granddynamics.com to get involved. Costumes encouraged. All ages welcome. The event begins at 11 AM. Come for the weekend and enjoy hotel specials. 4 Miles * 25 Obstacles * 100% Inspiration! Find out more and register now for early discounts at www.ultimatetowner.com Fast Facts:

For interviews contact Tim Walther, President of Grand Dynamics ant title sponsor at 307.733.1989 or tim@granddynamics.com

Brought to you by Grand Dynamics International: We’ve got the experience your looking for. Action seminars, executive retreats and team-building events world-wide.

Overcome Your