Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to the event page for additional information.

What do I get with my registration?

1. An Original Ultimate Towner T-Shirt! Wear it with PRIDE!

2. Sponsor Goodies: Each race will offer various goodies from sponsors, which will be provided at the event while supplies last and as sponsors offer their good to our Towners. Past races have included Sponsor gifts like fit-socks, nutrition bars, discounts to shops and free beer tickets. Interested sponsors – let us know if you are interested in sharing your goods!

3. Extremely long-term bragging rights when you finish.

4. The experience of 4 miles, 25 Obstacles, 100’s of Fellow Towners, 1000 laughs (perhaps a few tears) and to know that YOU OVERCAME YOUR OBSTACLES!
Yes, you guessed it, PRICELESS!

Are there any ways to win free tickets into the event?

Yes, listen to your local radio stations for free tickets! We also have facebook promos and volunteers can also work the event set up and breakdown to be eligible to participate.

Are there any lodging deals for out-of-towners?

We will add in that info as sponsors join in. We do typically offer special rates for out-of-towners. Check out the event pages listings for specials.

Is there an age limit?

No! We encourage all ages. Kids 12 and under must register with a registered adult. Our youngest participant so far is 4 years old! We encourage families to run together after the faster competitive racers who will start toward the beginning of the waves.

What are the Rules of the Ultimate Towner?

There are no rules. Wait. I mean, gentleman’s rules! Be fair and support your fellow Towners when they are in need. Follow the course route. Have a sense of humor. Laugh, smile and have a great time. Whine if you must, but don’t be surprised if someone tickles you.

Can I ride a Bike on the course?

Yes, you can ride a bike in between parks as part of the FUN CLASS. No awards will be given for people using bikes for speed. Casual fun classers who otherwise would not participate are welcome to be creative in getting to the course obstacles. All applicable bike laws apply.

What happens if I can’t complete an obstacle?

The idea of the event is to challenge yourself. So, all things considered, do what you can and if a particular obstacle is not for you, skip it! We encourage everyone to attempt all the obstacles and the course design is to provide a wide range of challenges for participants. Fast class competitors, if you are “in it to win it” then work the obstacle until you get through it. If you can’t physically complete the challenge, then do 30 burpbees on your own or as directed. We will not have monitors at every obstacle.

Our goal is to encourage our Towners to complete as many obstacles as you can or desire to! Give it your best shot and complete what you can. This course and our staff and the Ultimate Towner volunteers are here to challenge you to be your best and complete the challenges.

Can I do the course more than once?

Yes. If you are really up for the challenge, we suggest starting toward the front in an early wave and completing the course twice! Can you handle 8 miles and 50 obstacles?

How many people constitute a “team?’

We define a “team” in this context as a group of 4 or more people. Which means, for the team category, the fastest team of 4 or more participants who register as a team, and START AND FINISH together, will win the Ultimate Towner Team division. This means that the entire team of four or more people must FINISH THE RACE TOGETHER to be considered winners in the fast class.

We encourage teams of all shapes and sizes to enter together. This event does make for a great team bonding experience. In fact, we encourage every business to have a team in this event and to support and for employees to find a way to participate, spectate and volunteer for the event.

Will there be food and beverages at the event?

Yes! Check out each event page for the specifics.

When will the awards be given out?

The awards will be given out following the last racers who can qualify for the victory.

Is there a photography contest?

Most events host a contest for the best photograph that captures the Spirit of the Ultimate Towner. Additional prizes or categories may be offered. Details on where to post TBD.

Is there a Ultimate Towner Evening Event Costume Party?

Check for details on the specific event. Often times we have alcohol limitations at the event and direct people to celebrate to a sponsored bar.

Will there be showers available?

Probably not. We suggest bringing a few towels and a change of clothes for directly following the event.

I want to volunteer on the event day, what should I do?

Go to the Ultimate Towner Volunteer page and register! Contact us with any questions and please join us!

What is the deal with the Elephant with the Pink Tutu?

His name is Tuffy. It’s a long story, but here’s a snap shot.

A. The elephant is symbolic for overcoming obstacles. An elephant has the bulk and strength to push his way through the jungle of everyday problems that beset common people everywhere. His trunk and tusks symbolize qualities required to push aside obstacles. His large ears hear the cries and woes, yet retains only the essentials. Like an elephant trail through the otherwise impenetrable forest, we can follow his large footprints safely through the jungle of daily life. His large body indicates the wealth of knowledge he has within. More important, it signifies that outer appearance has no connection with inner beauty and spiritual status. You fill in the rest for that one.

B. Check out The Happiness Hypothesis. There is a fascinating metaphor of the elephant, rider and pathway as it relates to happiness. Elephant = emotions. In order to get anywhere, we have to motivate the elephant.

C. And the Pink Tutu? Part shock value. Part intrigue. Part comedy. All motivation. That’s Toughy, and we believe that he is the perfect mascot for Ultimate Towner events. He overcomes his obstacles, and has fun in the process!

D. Tuffy was physically born at a Grand Dynamics International action seminar called Switch the Change, where he emerged to explain how to motivate the elephant, and also led a mega-match of Raving Fans, which is a rock, paper, scissors competition. There’s lots more to Tuffy’s history and character, which will be revealed at the Ultimate Towners.

Got Questions? Let us have em! You can email, call your local course director, or our Grand Dynamics home office at 307-733-1989 or post on our Facebook event page.