Sponsorship Overview for the October 20th, 2012 Ultimate Towner Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Community School Our local non-profit beneficiary or the inaugural Ultimate Towner is the Jackson Hole Community School. We support the vision of Scott Hirschfield, Kathleen Crowley and their team of educators for offering an alternative to traditional education and a special opportunity for our Jackson Hole youth. Free participation, media for awareness and a portion of proceeds will go to the Jackson Hole Community School and there will be additional opportunities for donations on-site at the event.

Title Towner!

Grand Dynamics International: We’ve got the experience your looking for. GDI is the leader in experiential training and development and the choice for inspiring, training and developing people to live to their true potential. We were founded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1998 and offer customized corporate events, team building programs, action seminars, motivational speakers and much more. Contact us today and discover a new way to tap into the power of your number one asset.

Top of the Towners!

A huge round of applause for our top-contributing sponsors for the Jackson Hole Ultimate Towner so far. The first of our sponsors goes to and Out-of-Towner offering a unique way to support our own local non-profits. Ethix Merchant Services Our first out-of-towner business sponsor is a community minded partner that offers an easy way for every business to give back to their local non-profit organization of choice. Marshall White, a Grand Dynamics facilitator in our San Francisco location, is partnering up with GDI President Tim Walther to get the word out about this awesome merchant service now available to the Jackson Hole community. Ethix processes credit cards, matches or beats whatever your current business processing rate is and takes a percentage of that processing fee and donates it back to your non-profit of choice! Ethix is an amazing service that is community driven with a contribution focus. Get in touch with us today to register your business with Ethix. It takes only a few minutes, costs nothing to your business and will immediately begin to make a positive impact for your business. Send an email to Marshall and mention the Ultimate Towner and/or Grand Dynamics for your special entry gift! Ethix Obstacle: The Tough Traverse! This Miller Park Obstacle is the Ethix’ Obstacle of Choice and the mega-classic of all jungle-gym style challenges. Climb hand-over hand across the monkey bars before beginning a traverse across the jungle gym and shooting down a slide! It’s simply impossible not to smile down this one! The Spackmans, Associate Real Estate Brokers for Jackson Hole Sotheby’s International Realty We are proud to have the Spackmans supporting the Ultimate Towner. The Spackman’s have over 60 years of combined experience in this region and know every street, slope, and stream in the valley. They understand how to combine business with pleasure and embrace the adventurous lifestyle of Jackson Hole. The Spackman’s Obstacle: The Mud-Pit Crossing A rope swing element that serves as the entry into the Rodeo Grounds. Awesome!


Thank you to our local business community leaders who have committed to making this special event a success! Sponsoring as an Up-Towner means that your business is committed to engaging and inspiring your employees to promote teamwork, have fun and BRING OUT THEIR BEST in your area of business. Congratulations and we look forward to seeing your team on course! State Farm Insurance Katie Murphy is fired up and will be leading the team of State Farm Animals around the town. Thanks Katie for being a leader and bringing your smile, energy and enthusiasm to the Towner! State Farm Insurance Obstacle: Straw Town! Climb over, under and through straw bales in this fun challenging event located at Davies Recreation Center Field! Jackson Hole Fire Association Frank Lane, volunteer firefighter, expressed interest right away and Grand Dynamics was happy to offer an upgrade to our Up-Towner sponsorship levels to support our local firefighters! Thank you for helping to save our town!!!!! Our local volunteer fire department is here to spread the word about their upcoming Fireman’s ball. Mark your calendars and get your tickets early for the annual Fireman’s Ball. Snake River Brewing The award winning best beer in Jackson is “all in and on-board” with their team the Snake River Bruisers! Could there really be a costume themed obstacle course race without the involvement of the Brew Pub? No way! Snake River Brewing Obstacle: Keg-Town Tim Harland will be supporting our obstacle course development with, you guessed it, empty kegs! This course will have a fun zig-zag run over and around kegs with fun mystery challenges on the course. Teton County Fair Building Donating the use of the rodeo grounds! Thank you to Kelly and the crew for getting behind the idea right away and helping us create an amazing Ultimate Towner Rodeo Grounds experience! Teton Orthopedics Teton Ortho, our savior for many of us who have had those ACL’s, surgeries and other medical support services. We look forward to hi-fiving those Doctors who fix and heal having fun on course and cheering for our fellow Towners! Teton Orthopedics Obstacle: St. John’s Hospital Karen Connelly is heading up a team and sponsoring an obstacle. We are very happy to have St. Johns supporting this community event. They are carefully considering their team and obstacle of choice! Details coming soon. MK Soul Statement Inside us all exists an adventurous soul – a wild heart that is called from nature to live authentically and free from modern society. For many outdoor and mountain enthusiasts pure freedom and rugged adventure has become a way of life. Mountain Khakis were developed specifically for this lifestyle. Stio Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Stio was founded to inspire connection with the outdoors through beautiful, functional products. Stio is apparel you can live in ‐ in both the epic and quieter moments of outdoor life. Environmental Health Trust KMTN Radio Our local on-air radio and the people who make it happen, epitomizes what Jackson Hole is all about. Trash and Treasure, local trivia, the news and more all add to our special sense of this place we call home. Thank you to KMTN Radio for supporting our community and this special event!

Kind Towner: Town Of Jackson Administrative Sponsors

Teton Country Parks and Recreation A big thanks to Jill Harkness and Jill ____ for immediately embracing the idea for the Ultimate Towner and for offering support through the sponsoring the use of our local parks for the event: Phil Baux, Miller Park, Davies Field and Mike Yokel. The Parks and Recreation department will also be offering volunteers and staffing for the Davies Recreation Center Field obstacles! Town of Jackson Olivia at the Town of Jackson was instrumental in helping us get all the T’s cross and I’s dotted for getting our Jackson Special Event approved. The Town Counsel, including Mayor Mark Baron, approved this special event just on the heels dealing with one of the most disastrous natural disasters this town has ever seen, the HorseThief Fire. Jackson Hole of Chamber of Commerce The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce has given this community event a “thumbs up” and we always appreciate their support and community outreach for this and all Grand Dynamics’ events. Rose Caiazzo of Rose Recordings, LLC Professional Voice Over Artist, Radio Show Host & Emcee Rose will be our hostess with the mostess (aka: Our Emcee for the day!) announcing all our participants, sponsors and collaborating with Rocky on the microphone for an energizing day! Jackson Adventure Video They will be be filming a short overview of the event. Sweet!

Kind Towner: Trade for Good and Services

Jackson Hole Fine Dining Thank you to Gavin Fine and JH Fine Dining for providing the support for the catering license which allows vendors to provide goods and services during the event. Skyfire Studio Jimmy over at Skyfire Studio embraced the idea and immediately came up with suggestions for our Ultimate Towner logo. The early logo met some resistance with questions like, “What does an elephant with a Pink Tutu have to do with Jackson Hole, or being tough?” The story of the origin of Tuffy is a bit of a long one for another place so for now, thank you SkyFire Studio! Halloween Headquarters The annual spot for gearing up for Halloween is open again and Libby and her team are on board to offer lots of costume options for the Ultimate Towner. All part of our integral plan to extend Halloween celebrations an extra week! Once participants register they will receive a “secret code word” to share with the Halloween HQ to receive a Ultimate Towner 20% discount. This is only for registered Ultimate Towners and to be used for costumes purchased by October 20th. Several gift certificates will also be put into the pool of prizes for Ultimate Towner winners. Snow King Resort Dana, Snow King GM, immediately gave the thumbs up to include Snow King for a portion of the Ultimate Towner. He put us in touch with Adam Shanklin, the mountain operations manager. “What can we create, Adam?” I asked. He pointed to the ultimate snow-making machine and told me a story of how awesome that machine actually is, being the Ferrari of manual snow makers in the country! One thing led to another and, although the original idea of having a giant slip and slide after climbing a course on the King hasn’t exactly met insurance approval for year one, we’ll have an awesome experience complete with various options, from mist to blast, for our participants to experience first hand, the ultimate snow making gun in the first leg of the Ultimate Towner. Jackson Hole Ski Club Carrie over at the Jackson Hole Ski Club made a very important comment about the concept of this race. “They say if you have a good timing company and a good course everything else will fall into place.” Carrie and the Jackson Hole Ski Club is offering several roles of B-Net for the course elements, including the Sand Pit Sandwich! http://www.crossfitjh.com/ Ryan and his support team will be offering the opening “warm up” routine to get us pumped up and ready to rock the Ultimate Towner. Yes, the race starts with this warm up so be prepared for mountain climbers, lunge jumps and more as you fire up those quads!

Thank you to our Ultimate Towner Sponsors: