Liverpool Ultimate Towner Obstacle Descriptions

Below are few samples of our AWESOME obstacles! Click here to view more of our exciting photos!

Below is a list of twenty-five obstacles most likely to be included in the Liverpool Ultimate Towner. Final obstacle selections and location will be discovered on the course! Sponsors contact us directly for additional course details and obstacle selection.

1. Ultimate Elevation!

Each starting wave of participants will prepare to overcome their obstacles at the Ultimate Elevation Warm Up. Participants will experience the motivational course briefing and calisthenics routine set to inspirational music before beginning the course.

2. Believe and Achieve

You’ve got to believe in yourself to overcome obstacles. Here’s your chance to prove it as you get over this wall sequence.

3. Burp-Be Your Best

Be your best as you complete the push-ups and overhead jumping jacks – the ultimate exercise!

4. Motivational Mist

Enjoying in the heat of summer? We’ve got you covered! Run through the motivational mist to cool you down.

5. Mystery Obstacle

We would tell you what it is, but then it wouldn’t be a mystery!


Mountain Climbers

Test your fitness in this mountain climber aerobic challenge.

7. Inspiration Walls

Get inspired as you get up and over these 4 foot walls.

8. Take the Plunge

Get down and dirty as you take the plunge and crawl up and out in out of this awesome mud pit!

9. Mud Crawl Alley

Get into it and crawl your way through this muddy alley.

10. High Knees

Like a football player in training and a track star at heart, you will need to hurdle over a series of objects to overcome this obstacle!

11. Hay Town

A bale of hay a day will not keep the doctor away but good luck trying.

12. Balance Beam

Stay balanced or esle mud awaits you under the beam!

13. Love Life Wall

Congratulations! You’ve made it to your the biggest wall of the course. Remember these words to live by as you overcome your obstacles… Love Life!

14. Sack Hop Slalom

Overcoming obstacles is easy when you break the change down to small parts. We’ll see how you break it down as you hop through our slalom course!

15. Zig and Zag

Meet Zig and Zag, cousins of Bob and Weave. After you make their acquaintance you’ll probably meet their second cousin, DIZZY!

16. Sand Baggin

Choose your friendly sand bag and carry it through the designated course.

17. Mystery Obstacle

We would tell you what it is, but then it wouldn’t be a mystery!

18. A-Wall Juxtaposition

Climb up and over this A-Frame obstacle and take life to its peak!



Traverse this wall in honor of the Tetons and Jackson Hole, Wyoming – where the Ultimate Towner all began!

20. Small Wall

Yes, it is a series of small walls but don’t be fooled, it will still test your determination and focus, all while being inspired by a series of quotes that you may or may not have to memorize!

21. Let’s Roll

Grab your tire and commence complete this high speed roll-away course.

22. Tire Town

Identify your pathway to success as you complete this tire-town course.

23. Atlas Rock Drag

Sometimes it can feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world as you overcome your obstacles… here’s your chance to be Atlas in our mini-version of the weight of the world.

24. Over-Under-Through

Overcome your first series of wall obstacles as you go over, under and through.

25. Spectator’s Gauntlet

Run the spray gauntlet as spectators join in on the fun. Welcome to the finish line! The obstacles above are the challenges in the spring Liverpool Ultimate Towner. Sponsors will claim, name and create additional obstacles. This course description will be updated as sponsors join. The deadline to submit obstacles is three weeks prior to the event. Obstacles must be within the event safety guidelines as well as to allow a smooth flow of participants.

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