Course Obstacles

Your event will have it’s unique selection and we will keep a few mystery obstacles a secret just for fun.

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Ultimate Elevation!

Each starting wave of participants will prepare to overcome their obstacles at the Ultimate Elevation Warm Up. Participants will experience the motivational course briefing and calisthenics routine set to inspirational music before beginning the course.

Zombie Team!

Get your team and create a fun theme!

Mud Crawl!

Get down and dirty and experience epic mud crawls!

Believe and Achieve

You’ve got to believe in yourself to overcome obstacles. Here’s your chance to prove it!


Burp-Be Your Best

Be your best as you complete the push-ups and overhead jumping jacks – the ultimate exercise!

CREDIT: David J Swift

Tunnel Town

It can be scary in the dark when you’re overcoming obstacles.

Look for the light at the end of the tunnel as you crawl through these tunnels made just for you!

Over Under Through

Get Over, Under and Through this series of walls as you adapt to any changes coming your way!

CREDIT: David J Swift

Sand Pit Sandwich!

Time to shake n bake! Stay focused and keep up your momentum as you overcome those obstacles!

CREDIT: David J Swift

Be Balanced

Also know as WALK THE PLANK! Balance is a key to life when you are moving through challenges in life. Use this walk as a reminder!

Sand Baggin

Choose your friendly sand bag and carry it through the designated course.

Teton Traverse

Traverse this wall in honor or the Tetons and Jackson Hole, Wyoming where the Ultimate Towner all began!

Sack Hop Slalom

A MEGA CLASSIC! This one goes into the “Harder than it looks” category. Overcoming obstacles is easy when you break the change down to small parts.

We’ll see how you break it down as you hop through our slalom course!

CREDIT: David J Swift

Take the plunge

Your mission, should you choose to accept it… swing across the mud pit and get on with your top secret mission.

CREDIT: David J Swift

Slippery When Wet

Getting over this menacing slippery 6-foot wall will definitely goes in the “harder than it looks” category.

Atlas Rock-Put

Sometimes it can feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders when you’re up against a difficult problem. Pretend you’re ATLAS and test your agility and strength in this awesome rock put challenge! Another “I can’t believe this is that difficult” challenge.

CREDIT: David J Swift

Motivational Ocean Mist

Feeling like you may need a little rinsing after all that hard work? We’ve got you covered! Refresh yourself with a cool spray before putting it back on the road!

Welcome to the Jungle

Snake through the Jungle maze of trees and walls at the high point of the race!

Mountain Climbers

High on the mountain top you’ll keep climbing as you complete this series of mountain climbers!

A-Wall Juxtaposition

Overcome your obstacles and climb up, over and down this A-Frame as you take life to its peak!

CREDIT: David J Swift

Love Life Wall

Congratulations! You’ve made it to your the biggest wall of the course. Remember these words to live by as you overcome your obstacles… Love Life!

This wall was inspired by Jarad Spackman and his message lives on as a great reminder that LOVE is always part of the pathway when overcoming obstacles.

Spectator’s Gauntlet

Run the spray gauntlet as spectators join in on the fun.

Welcome to the finish line!

CREDIT: David J Swift

Sponsored by: Grand Dynamics International and… TBD!

Your business can sponsor an obstacle. This means that you can actually create a challenge to be included in this race.