HUGE THANK YOU for all our 2022 Amazing Race sponsors!   From cash support for discounted tickets to amazing prizes, we are grateful for the outreach to support this community event and for the support of Teton County Search and Rescue!


This event is produced by Grand Dynamics International 


Here is a list of our AMAZING sponsors!

AMAZING PRIZES donated by:

    THANK YOU for being a part of the 2022 Ultimate Towner – Amazing Race!   The tradition of the Towner continues with your support and the experience has evolved to allow for more participation and community engagement. 

    Our goal for the New Towner experience is to include more businesses, more people and create a community experience that is more fun!

    NOTE: This event is NOT supported by Travel and Tourism funding. 

    Please complete the information below to begin the registration process for sponsoring the 2022 Ultimate Towner!