This story was shared by Bettie Taylor. Thank you Bettie! I had a dream the other night where I was in a faraway place, I think India, and I was standing in one spot. All I was doing was looking at my surroundings; the sky so blue, the buildings so ancient, the people so candid. And then I felt myself crying, my sleeping body tensed up and I started to weep. The reason I found myself so emotional was because I was finally achieving a goal of mine, I was traveling like I have always wanted to. Nothing in my dream held me back from doing something I really loved and has always wanted to do. This dream has helped me find my “happy place”. Now, I know this is just a dream, but I feel that if I can overcome my obstacles of financial hardship and my physical restriction from my ACL injury, I can truly make my dreams come true. I can see myself walking on beaches around the world, feeling the different winds from the East and the West, and breathing in all the aromas there is on this planet. I am the kind of person that takes action when there is a bump in the road; my injury to my knee being one of these bumps. This is my first injury, and the physical and mental pain has questioned my sense of self and how well I do without my regular activities. As I take it one day at a time, I am more confident now then I was when I first injured myself. I know that this is a minor setback to all my goals in life. I will be stronger, faster and a better me once I recover. I will overcome my obstacle of having an injury by getting surgery on my ACL, going hard into rehab, building more strength than I ever had before, and living life to the fullest. I will overcome my financial hardship by expanding my skills and seeking a full time job in Jackson, and work on raising funds through my community to pay for my surgery.