The inaugural Ultimate Towner took place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on October 20th, 2012. This event was comprised of 25 obstacles located in 5 primary locations over 4 miles throughout the town of Jackson.

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Here are some of out favorite and best photos from the first Ultimate Towner!

But first, a HUGE THANK-YOU to our sponsors.

Ultimate Towner Obstacles and Sponsors

FThe Olympus TG-810 Tough 12 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom goes to…

Best Overall Action Photo: by Jack Wiley Photography

Overcoming Obstacles and Racing to the Finish

This graphic depiction of an epic race between Dale Hoyt and Chris Betsinger, for second and third place, tells the tale perfectly. Overcoming obstacles, the two battled all the way to the finish line where the winners came in one second apart. The ultimate finish!

Mr. Mayor meets Tuffy

Mayor Mark Barron meets Tuffy and offers words of inspiration to Ultimate Towners as he kicks off the Fun Class of the inaugural Jackson Hole event! Clearly Tuffy is very excited. Thank you Mr. Mayor and the Town of Jackson for support of the Ultimate Towner!

“Let’s Get Tough” – The Ultimate Mountain Warm-Up intro to the Ultimate Towner!

Featuring Stephen “Disco” Koch

Video by Caren Ware – Itz About Time

We’re from the Future

Out of Terror Tunnel and into the future comes Alex Carr, the Quintessential Jacksonite. Photo: Marshall White

Zombie Bees created quite the BUZZ!

Best Team Photo by Jarad Spackman. Who can forget the Zombie Bees?! Great fun and buzzing energy from all the ladies throughout the day. Would you rather be the bee or the flower?

-Reaching New Heights-

Ultimate Towner 4 Year Old and Sister traverse the Save the Males monkey bars en route to being the youngest person to complete the course!

Who was the Toughest Towner? This guy

#1 SAM FAIRLEIGH – Sam overcame obstacles and ran away with the lead, coming in at 33:33, more than 4 minutes faster than the second place finisher! Nice work Sam!

Take a bite of the Sandpit Sandwich!

Served up by the Jackson Hole Community School.

Feel the Fever!

Campana Style!


Tough Karma?

By Jonathan Crosby

Local Jacksonite Stewart Soleman works through the Karma Krawl by Inversion Yoga: Photo by Jonathan Krosby Best Tuffy Sighting! As you can see he gets excited seeing people crawl through the mud!

Mountain Chicken says, “More Cowbell!”

This Crazy Chicken deserved the More Cowbell Award! Nice work Eric Carr in the Mountain Khaki chicken suit! Photo by Caren Ware

A Tough Team

What a fun team! Caren Ware, our official race timer, spreads her wings with a few of the Grand Dynamics Ultimate Towner team and volunteers. Thank you to ALL our outstanding staff and volunteers!

And the Best Video goes to:

Jackson Hole Adventure Video: The Ultimate Towner!

Overcome Your Obstacles!

Experience the Ultimate Towner!

Coming Again Spring 2012!