Start Training for Ultimate Towner!

Our new training page will feature exercises and workout routines from local training facilities designed to get you in shape for the Ultimate Towner!  In the meantime, here are few words from Ultimate Towner’s main man Tuffy to get you started:

Crystal Wright’s Tough Towner Training

These are two examples of some training that will help for the Tough Towner event whether you train with your team or on your own! The big thing about the race is it is more running then you think and then you have to have coordination through obstacles when you are winded. These two examples will help train work capacity, core, agility and quick recovery. Please email to with questions or go to our website

Workout #1: Outside Training (meet at snow king)

Warm Up:
15 10 5
bounds, squats and pushups

6 rounds

1 min sprint up snowking
30 sec rest
2 min sprint
30 sec rest
45 sec sprint
30 sec rest
rest 3 min between rounds

run down snowking from point that you made it and try to get down as fast as you can as a group, helping keep each other moving.

3 rft in field

8x burpees
6x sprints 20 ft
10x situps

Workout # 2:Gym Training

10 to 1 swings, push-ups and sit-ups

6 rounds

6x kbell front squats ( strong core and legs for running and crawling)
2x lengths (of gym) bear crawl
Pigeon stretch

4 rounds

6 pull-ups (do negatives if needed)
6x push-ups
30 sec plank

10 rounds every minute on the minute
(work capacity hit and agility for tires and sack hopping)

8x quick box jumps
10x jump lunges

3 rounds

10x weighted sit-up
10x Russian twist
10x plank Walkups
20x flutter kicks

Exercise can be found at or

Rule Number One:

Get out and get after it! Imagine the activities you will be doing, then mimic some of those while you are training. Does the course require some running? Do some running. Does the course require hand over hand monkey bars? Find some. How about climbing over walls? You guessed it… say hello to your neighbors a few times!

Core strength training, cardio, push-ups, pull-ups, hiking up mountains, mountain-biking… stay active and get strong. Fuel your body with healthy food and stay hydrated.

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