A great video with the Ultimate Elevation theme! Ryan Halverson captured the Wright Training Team as they progress through the course in the fast class in the original Tough Towner obstacle course, now called the Ultimate Towner. This was the first wave – originally the “fast class” of racers followed up bythe “fun class” of costume laden Towners.

The 2014 spring events will combine both classes for more fun and energy with the racing competitors starting toward the beginning of the waves which will all begin at 11:00 AM. http://www.ultimatetowner.com/ryan-halverson-video-captures-wright-training-team-in-the-jackson-ultimate-towner-obstacle-course-race/ Course updates with even more inspirational themes are all part of the fun this year. Join us in the celebration of “overcoming obstacles!” Register now for the next event in Streetsboro, Ohio on April 26th or Jackson Hole on May 11th.


Tough Towner 2013 from Ryan Halverson on Vimeo.