Ultimate Start Up Competion

Calling all Bay Area Start Up Companies!!!! Pull your team together for the ULTIMATE START UP COMPETITION!


Ultimate Start Up Competition contenders will have register in the Fast Class, which starts at 10 AM, with a course briefing at 9:45 AM. The TEAM MUST START AND FINISH TOGETHER! That means all team members crossing the finish line connected together.


The Coveted Ultimate Cowbell! Yes, that’s right – the team winner will be awarded the ULTIMATE COWBELL and have bragging rights for eternity!

Here’s how it works:

Choose 4 or more team members of your start up and form a team! The Start Up Competition is for the FAST CLASS You will need a team captain to register – That will be the first person to register your team. Enter your team name with the first registrant and then each person that register after will choose your team. REGISTER NOW and get your game on!

Does Your Start Up have what it takes?

If there’s one ingredient that will make a start up thrive, it’s a STRONG TEAM! You may have the most qualified group of people, but are they a strong team? Do your team members have the following characteristics to enable great teamwork?

  • Passion and Drive
  • A “Never Say Die” Attitude
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Trust and Collaboration
  • Openness to taking risks
  • A drive to overcome any obstacle in their way!

It’s time for the ULTIMATE TOWNER!